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This Week's Awful Woodworking Joke

Art is a finish carpenter who is trimming out Apartment 6, and he runs into his competitor, Bob, who just finished doing the same job in Apartment 5. The units are directly above each other, so they have the same layout. Art is a little lazy, and he sees an opportunity to avoid doing an estimate.
"Say, Bob," he says. "Those two units are identical. How much baseboard and casing did you buy?" Bob thought a minute, and then said: "300 feet of casing, and 700 feet of base."
A month later, the two chippies meet again. “
"Say, Bob,” Art says. "I did that job and I ended up with 100 feet of casing and almost 300 feet of baseboard left over."
"That's funny," says Bob. I did too..."


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