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Thank you to grocery clerks, truckers, nurses and everyone else who stands in the front lines. We won't forget.


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This Week's Awful Woodworking Joke

Old Benjie was getting frustrated by all this newfangled technology. He had always drawn cabinets on graph paper, and this new computer was driving him nuts. Heck, half the time he couldn’t even remember the password, let alone what a toolpath was.
Then one morning over coffee he had a brainwave. He suddenly knew how to have the computer tell HIM what his password was!
The next morning when he got to the office, he fumbled with the keyboard as usual and typed in something he thought might be the password. The machine sent him a note. It said: "Your password is incorrect."
And that’s when he remembered that he had changed it yesterday...
to I-N-C-O-R-R-E-C-T

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