Display Ads - Details
These are vertical, such as the ad for John's book at right, and they are up to 250 dpi wide at 72 dots per inch (which is 3.47" on most screens), and any height. Display ads are linked directly to your website (as this one is).

The cost is $25 a square inch at 72 dpi, per year. So, for example, the book ad is 250 dpi wide and 411 dpi tall, or 19.82 square inches. The cost of this ad is $495.50 a year, which averages just $41.29 a month. Don't worry about doing the math - just send us your ad as an email attachment and we'll give you a price.

All ad contracts are prepaid for one calendar year. Woodezine invoices once a year before the ad is placed, and thereafter 30 days before the anniversary. You can change your ad content (and/or the product shown) once a year at no cost. Additional changes cost 25% each time.

Display ads are interspersed through articles and navigation pages. Most ad placement requests can be accommodated.

What We Need...
Your file should be built at 300 dpi: we prefer to reduce it in-house to 72 dpi before publishing it. Minimum size is 5 square inches. We'll also need to know the exact URL to which it will be linked - that is, your homepage, or perhaps a specific page on your site. We strongly suggest including a phone number or email address somewhere in the image, in case your site is down when a potential customer visits. (Email addresses and phone numbers cannot be harvested automatically by spammers from images such as JPGs.)


6.5% South Dakota Sales Tax is added to ALL invoices.

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