Media Kit

Unlike many print magazines these days,
WoodEzine's circulation continues to expand every month.
The site had more than 230,000 hits January through May.

Our budget-minded ads average a mere $1.40 a day
and they're published 365 days a year.


How much does advertising cost in WoodEzine?
Our standard rate is just $25 per square inch... per year! That's 365 days of advertising for an average of around $500 for most display ads.

What size and shape should my ad be?
We offer display, banner and keyword ads.

How do I create and submit an ad?
Just send us a 300 dpi JPG. We can also scan it from a print ad, or download it from the web. Or we can help you design it.
You can also send us an insertion order or purchase order, if that's how your company works.

Can I change the content during the year?
Of course! If you have a new product, or perhaps new photos, you can change the ad once a year for free, or as many times as you like for a 25% fee.

Can I choose the page on WoodEzine where we appear?
Yup. Well, almost yup.
The homepage is usually booked, but the perennial best performers are (roughly in order - it changes a little from month to month) the Recent Issues page, the database navigation page, the How-To page, the CNC page, the Schools and Classes page, the Woodworking Clubs page, the Videos page, the Archives, the Turning page, the Furniture Builders page, and the free marquetry lessons page.

How do I pay for my ad?
Just text us (six oh five, five nine one, two nine four seven) and we'll call you back and take a card over the phone. Or send us a check.
Your ad starts running the day after your payment clears. We can pro-rate it to match your ad budget calendar and/or financial year, but most ads just follow the calendar year. We'll send you a reminder when your renewal date is approaching.

Why you should advertise in WoodEzine:

• Our online ads can introduce your new products to readers months sooner than a print ad.
• Your ad can be any shape or size, always in full color, and be linked to your site.
• We publish every day – and that's more than sixty times as often as many print mags!
• An ad in Woodezine costs a small fraction of the price of a print ad.
• Online publishing is environmentally responsible...

  - No trees die to print Woodezine
- We use no toxic inks
- Not a drop of oil, gas or diesel is used to deliver each issue
- No paper mill waste is added to a landfill
- And no old magazines are, either...

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