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Media Kit

• More people now shop online than in physical stores, including B2B buyers.
• Brochures and trade shows only impact customers for a few days at best.
• Woodworkers return ALL YEAR LONG to Woodezine's databases and news.
• Your ad can tell them what they need to know - every single day of the year.
• On average, our display ads are under $500 a year - less than daily coffee!


Display (vertical) ads are $25 per square inch at 72 dpi for a full year (min 5 sq in, max 50).
Banner (horizontal) ads are $25 per square inch at 72 dpi for a full year (min 5, max 50).
Keyword ads are just $25 for a full year, for up to 70 characters.

How To Buy A Display or Banner Ad

Send a 300 dpi ad as a JPG to the email address below (or we can build your ad for $99).
We'll quote you a price and if you approve, you can pay for it here.
Within 48 hours, your ad will go live for one full year. That's it.

How To Buy A Keyword Ad

Send an email with your description (up to 70 characters and spaces) to the address below.
We'll acknowledge receipt and then you can pay the $25 plus 6.5% SD sales tax here.
Within 48 hours, your keywords will go live for one full year. That's it.


• Your ad is linked directly to your website (or another destination of your choosing).
• All ads are prepaid for one year from the date they go live.
• We send you a 30 day reminder before the anniversary every year.
• You can change your ad content (with the same square inches) once a year at no cost.
• Additional changes cost 25% each time.
• Most placement requests can be accommodated.


5.20 GB started accepting ads again in June 2017.
For almost a decade, our content development for other entities had precluded advertising.

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