July 2019
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Woodworking news and new products

Visionary New Product Award Winners at AWFS

The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers® (AWFS®) has announced its Visionary New Product Awards for innovation and leadership in the woodworking industry. The winners are Wagner Meters for the Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter; ICA North America for X-Matt - Coatings Of The Future; Biesse for its WN6 ROS (Robotic Operating System); MB Maschinenbau GmbH for Roba Fusion 1; Grex Power Tool for the GCP650 cordless 23-gauge Headless Pinner; Hafele America Co. for the Axilo Plinth Adjusting Fitting System; Northtech Machine LLC for its L5 No-lock air lock fence; BESSEY Tools North America for the GearKlamp®; EagleEye's ERPsoftware; and Yeti Tool Ltd for the SmartBench portable CNC router (shown). WoodEzine will publish more info and a full show report in a few days.


Yeti Tools wins Visionary Award at AWFS

The Princess Victoria Saw


Unique Saw Returns to Sheffield

In 1858 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s eldest child, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, married the Crown Prince of Prussia, Frederick William. Among their gifts, the couple received a special saw made by the Sheffield firm of Taylor Brothers. Nothing like it had ever been made in England, nor was again. The steel blade is etched in bas-relief with the royal arms and an inscription. The decoration includes the two national symbols of oak and laurel leaves, and the toe of the blade is cut in the form of a swan, symbolising marital constancy. The elaborately carved ivory handle includes a symbolic cornucopia, or horn of plenty, and a dolphin, and is attached to the blade by two nickel-plated screws. The saw has just returned to Sheffield after a 150 year absence, and is being unveiled on July 25th at the Ken Hawley Collection Trust.

An Uplifting Experience

The Qanto Electric Lift-Up System from Richelieu Hardware is being billed as "the ultimate cabinet storage solution that maximizes space and accessibility". This innovative system adds functionality and style to usually difficult-to-access areas such as base corner cabinets in L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens, and end cabinets in kitchen islands. The ergonomic Qanto is composed of two trays that rise from inside the cabinet at the push of a button, displaying their contents in full view and making everything easy to reach. Push the same button to make them descend back inside the cabinet. The trays are designed with an elegant crystal-glass effect rim that outlines the unit when it's in the down position and flush with the countertop.


Richelieu's QANTO Electric Lift-Up System

Titus has a new T-type pie-cut corner hinge


A New Corner Cabinet Hinge

The Titus Group includes twenty-two companies in Europe, America, Asia and Australia, and its newest offering is a wide-opening hinge for easy corner cabinet access. The T-type pie-cut corner hinge uses a standard 35mm drilling pattern and offers easy door alignment. It's a 2-step hinge that provides a wide opening angle with full access to any kitchen cabinet with bi-fold doors. It fits standard hinge cup drilling patterns, which makes the production process simpler and faster. The gap between the doors can be easily aligned using a cam adjustment screw on the hinge arm, and this delivers smooth and reliable door performance. The 2-step mechanics opening deliver a clear and unobstructed workspace. Titus has roots in the U.K., Australia and Slovenia, and offers cabinet hardware, innovative motion control and high volume precision parts.

Kesseböhmer USA adds Anthracite

It's a sleek powder-coated dark gray, new to the US market for 2019. And it comes from the family-run German manufacturer Kesseböhmer USA, one of the world's leading kitchen furniture industry suppliers. The company, which was founded in 1954 and employs 2,200 people, says that "this trendy dark color brings elegance and contrast to your kitchen organization". Anthracite was unveiled in the US for the first time this past February at KBIS 2019. It's a matte powder-coated finish that provides a stylish contrast to Chrome and Champagne, the manufacturer's lighter color options. Kesseöhmer USA offers two shelf designs - the Arena Classic and its newest addition, the Arena Style. The Anthracite shelf color is exclusively offered with these designs.


Kessebohmer introduces Anthracite

Next Wave Automation Introduces the CNC Shark HD5


New Shark Makes A Big Splash

Next Wave Automation has introduced the CNC Shark HD5®, its most robust and feature-rich machine to date. It includes patented Virtual Zero Unlimited® software (which allows users unlimited material mapping reference points and was just named a Visionary Award finalist), as well as Ready2Control® for multiple machine operation. It is the latest addition to the company’s well-known Shark line of small format CNC machines for professional woodshops, hobbyists and makers. The new machine is designed for use with a 2-1/4 HP router or Next Wave's water-cooled spindle, and is built in the USA with industrial grade components. Through September 30, 2019, Next Wave will be including a Dewalt DW618 router at no extra charge as part of an introductory product promotion.

Finalists Announced for AWFS 2019 Visionary Awards

In Anaheim, California the finalists for the 2019 Visionary New Product Award by AWFS®Fair were announced on July 8th. The awards recognize creativity and innovation, and are evaluated on quality, production impact, practicality, innovation and user-friendliness. This year's award winners will once again be chosen by a panel of hand-selected judges representing various areas of the wood industry, including professional end-users, woodworkers and company owners. They will be announced at the AWFS Booth in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center at 9:15 AM on Friday, July 19th. Among the products in contention are Oneida's Supercell High-pressure Dust collector, the Grex GCP650 cordless 23 gauge pinner, the Orion 950 pinless moisture meter from Wagner, and Yeti Tool's Smartbench, which is billed as the world's first industrial grade, portable CNC router. The full list is here.


Finalists Announced for AWFS 2019 Visionary New Product Awards

Lignia Launches in USA


Lignia Launches in U.S.

Lignia Wood Company is a wood modification business based in south Wales, in the U.K. It's launching Lignia and Lignia Fire in the USA this month, using AWFS as a springboard. The firm modifies FSC®-certified softwood into a product with the properties and appearance of hardwood. The company is sponsoring the Best Designed Student Chair at the Fresh Wood competition during the AWFS. Steve Rogers, Lignia's commercial director, says that the company "now has two major-league timber distribution companies working with us to supply the construction trade in the U.S., and we also have a real competitive advantage with our Lignia Fire product, which is suitable for all types of millwork including flooring and siding." It is designated as Class A in the ASTM E84 standards for flame retardancy.

Rice Straw MDF Plant Nears Production

Columbia Forest Products in partnership with CalPlant I is anticipating the start of production at its new rice-straw MDF plant this fall. The sheet stock, which is named CalAg MDF, is being billed as the composite panel of the 21st Century. It will be made with no added formaldehyde at the facility shown at right, which is currently under construction in Willows, California. This will be the world’s first commercial-scale producer of rice straw-based medium density fiberboard (MDF). Plans are to supply approximately 140 million square feet of MDF to the building products industry each year. Rice straw is an agricultural waste product which has posed environmental issues in California for over a century. It will be procured from Sacramento Valley rice growers within a 15 to 25 mile radius of the plant.


Columbia Forest Products new straw MDF CalPlant1

SCM North America Showcases Smart Factory  Dynamic nesting, collaborative robots and Industry 4.0 solutions are among the many innovations to be presented in Las Vegas.   Technologies at AWFS Fair  


SCM Showcases Smart Factory Technologies

SCM North America has three entries in the AWFS Visionary Awards competition. One of them, the Morbidelli x200 CNC router, was designed and built to do nesting from the get-go. It has a double vacuum system that has the necessary software support, and a table that is sectioned off in small enough zones so that additional vacuum can be applied along the cutting path. The booth will also feature a robot from SCM partner Edge Automation, which adds a seventh axis and moves along a linear track that extends its field of reach. The idea is to showcase a sensible lean manufacturing cell that can be customized with different degrees of automation. SCM will also be dedicating energy and space at its booth to demonstrate collaborative robots. Plus, Maestro Smartech is another contender and by the end of this year every SCM machine that has a computer control will have IOT capabilities through that system.

Scrub Your Shop Air

The much vaunted Axiom Stratus air cleaner is finally available for purchase. The innovative design pulls dust and debris down from a workbench toward the floor, taking advantage of gravity. Once filtered, clean air is propelled upward into the region where woodworkers draw breath. The company portrays it as a quantum advance on ceiling-mounted ambient scrubbers because those units pull the dust upward past the operator's nose and mouth, where some of it remains suspended. There are two portable models. The Stratus ($499) uses an innovative combination of a pleated canister and washable filter to capture airborne dust, while the Pro ($699) has a stainless steel body and removable activated charcoal insert, which is easy to install when needed and is designed for airborne dust, odors and smoke.


Axiom Stratus is now available

ShopBot to make custom pieces at AWFS


Live Demos at AWFS

ShopBot Tools has announced a special offering for AWFS. Engineer Ryan Patterson noted that the best way to understand the power and precision of CNC technology is to see it in action. So he invited show attendees to send him information about their product and production needs, and include a design that ShopBot will cut on either the PRSalpha 96 x 48 (shown), or the Desktop MAX ATC. The ShopBot team will perform material cutting for a limited number of AWFS Fair attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. ShopBot Tools has specialized in serving the needs of small to medium-size cabinetmaking, furniture, and other woodworking businesses for years. Manufacturers using wood or other materials are encouraged to get in touch with the ShopBot team to discuss their production needs.

New CNC from Legacy Excels at Turning

Legacy Woodworking Machinery will debut its new Renegade CNC at AWFS this month. The machine allows woodshops to create complex joinery, process sheet stock, and create turned parts such as stair spindles, table legs and the like. There's a toolchanger, an industrial controller, and a few added extras such as Legacy's automated tool measurement system and Delta's motion control algorithm that delivers faster, smoother cornering. But what really sets the machine apart is the Turning-Indexing System, which adds a whole new dimension to the type of jobs that small and medium sized shops can handle efficiently. Combine that with the company's CCAM software and you've got the perfect turning and indexing solution. If you can't make it to the show, the company has posted a YouTube™ teaser here.


Legacy’s new Renegade CNC machine

Adjustable groover from Charl


Adjustable Groover

Montvale, New Jersey based toolmaker Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. Inc. has introduced several new products in time for the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. Among them is IG660A, a 180mm diameter by 1-1/4" bore adjustable groover that can bet set anywhere from 4mm to 7.5mm. It's infinitely adjustable within that range with a turn of the dial. The company says "there is no quicker way to adjust the width to match material thickness". Also new is a 2-1/2" diameter spoilboard cutter (other sizes are available) that comes with extra standard 14mm inserts; and dust extracting nuts for CNC routers that come in a couple of sizes for different tool diameters (up to 60mm and up to 70mm). They're lightweight, easily installed, balanced to 25,000 rpm., and are designed for HSK 63F toolholders (ER32 and ER40 collets). Visitors to the booth who make drawers and doors might also want to take a look at Larry's Clamp for building flat panels.

Concealed Flat Brackets

Two new floating shelf brackets from A&M Hardware in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania over considerable strength for specialty countertop, cabinet, shelf or island installations. There are a couple of options - Concealed (C), and Extended Concealed (EC) brackets. They have a 1/2" support arm and a wide, flat top that is relatively easy to conceal within a shelf. Both the C and EC Flat brackets are available in 9", 12", 15" and 18" lengths with either a 1" or 2" wide face on the top. In addition, A&M now offers both 21" and 24" long versions of both the C and EC Flats with 2" wide support arms. The brackets are available in either black or white. The EC models also come with the option of adding an extension above the support arm, for superior strength. Load limits range from 1,100 to 4,900 lbs per pair.


A&M Hardware's new concealed shelf brackets updates its website


Drawer.Com Updates Website

Western Dovetail (online at has been a staple in the cabinet industry for more than a quarter of a century. The Vallejo, Calif. manufacturer provides top quality custom drawer boxes, cabinet doors, inserts and dividers, and hardware such as slides and pulls. Over the past few months the company has been upgrading its website and the new online presence is fast, easy to navigate and very intuitive. Among the improvements are the ability to now use Amazon Pay at checkout. This allows woodshops to use stored payment and shipping info from to place an order on the site. There's also a new Guest Checkout, so shops don't have to be logged in to place an order (but keep in mind that if you have been assigned a discount, you must be logged in to for that to apply to purchases). And the site has stopped animated scrolling of products on the home page. Professional woodworkers qualify for serious discounts on published prices when they set up an account.

Laguna Upgrades The Smartshop M

Laguna Tools premium line of Smartshop® CNC routers has always come with custom sizes and power options. The Smartshop M, the entry level machine in this series, begins with a 5.5 HP air-cooled Hiteco spindle and taple size options that run from 4x4 to 4x8 and 5x10. Now the company has announced some serious upgrades to this workhorse machine, and these are being revealed this month at AWFS. Among them is an all-steel reinforced gantry, direct drive motors and a pod-ready vacuum table. The M currently comes with an 8-position automatic tool changing system, 4 to 6 zone vacuum table, 900 IPM travel and 450 IPM maximum cutting speeds, rack and pinion X and Y axis controls, and a ball screw control on the Z axis. The starting price (before the new release) is listed at $31,370.


Laguna Tools updates Smartshop CNCs

Fine Woodworking is presenting at AWFS 2019


Fine Woodworking Contributors at AWFS

The woodshop industry meets at AWFS in Las Vegas this month, and Fine Woodworking contributors Owain Harris, Roland Johnson, and Tom McLaughlin will all be there sharing their favorite topics. They'll be located at the Rapid Fire show floor theater in booth #9784. Harris (that's one of his pieces at left) is a master craftsman who is equally at home on a CNC as he is with hand tools. McLaughlin will be demonstrating how to hand plane a tapered leg to perfection, while Johnson is showing woodworkers how to remove rust from tools, and keep it at bay. Harris, whose shop in in Deerfield, New Hampshire, has an excellent video on the FW website where he explains the fine points of his exquisite sideboard to editor Jon Binzen.. The photo here doesn't do it justice - it bows in several planes and has a beautiful inlaid pattern on the top.

Pencils For Woodworkers

Tools For Working Wood is based in Brooklyn, New York and has both a physical store and an online presence. New in their catalog are Blackwing pencils, a revival of a Eberhard Faber pencil from the 1930s. The wood is incense-cedar, the core is a Japanese mix of graphite and clay, and the outside is a smooth, color coded enamel that indicates hardness options. The erasers are 13/16" long, of which about 3/16" are exposed at a time. Blackwing's motto is "Half the pressure, twice the speed." All four hardnesses of the pencil will write far more smoothly than a random #2. The most popular is the gray-bodied 602, which is considered Firm. Other options are the black-bodied Soft, a white-bodied Pearl and the new Natural, which is extra-firm. Sold in boxes of 1 dozen only.


Blackwing Pencils for woodworking

New Jowat adhesives shown at Ligna and Interzum


Jowat Presents New Adhesives

At Ligna and Interzum in June, the German adhesives manufacturer Jowat presented new non-hazardous PUR hot melt adhesives, as well as new dispersion adhesives with low formaldehyde emissions. The company, which has offices in High Point, NC, presented a comprehensive portfolio of monomer-reduced and therefore non-hazardous reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melts for the wood and furniture industry, from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR series. A highlight was an unfilled edgebanding adhesive that facilitates colorless and virtually invisible bond lines. Reactive PUR hot melts were also in the spotlight at Interzum, with a focus on the significant process and efficiency benefits compared to liquid adhesive systems in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. There's also a new Jowapur® product family for load-bearing glulam.

Vacuum Pods with Intelligence

J. Schmalz GmbH has offices in Raleigh, N.C. and the company is currently developing an intelligent vacuum block for CNCs. The Schmalz Smart Block records and transmits real-time data when clamping. It transmits data via a Bluetooth™ interface to a controller in real-time, making the data visible within the digital manufacturing environment. Then, for example, the machine can calculate the wear based on the current vacuum level. This allows the user to schedule preventive maintenance as needed, which results in a significant drop in unexpected downtime. Moreover, the vacuum block knows the serial numbers of its wearing components and can display these numbers as needed. This makes it much easier to purchase spare parts. Plus, when the Smart Block reports the vacuum level to the machining center, the machine knows when the wooden board is secured in place, which allows it to start automatically.


The Schmalz Smart Block


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