15 HP 3-Phase Sander Handles Stock Up to 36″ Wide

Listed at $14,195 plus $249 freight on the Grizzly site, the new SB1096 has a 15 HP main drum motor (220V/440V) and independent motors with digital controls for the table elevation and conveyor speed. The operator can dial in exact settings from a minimum of 1/8″ thick work to large tables and slabs. The belt moves side to side automatically (it’s variable from 5/16” to 5/8”) to get the best sanding results, and also to prolong the belt life. There’s an Amp/load meter to monitor the machine’s performance, a built-in regulator/water separator, and an emergency stop panel and disc brake for safety. There are keypad controls for the table elevation, with a digital readout that’s accurate to 0.005″. The conveyor feed motor is 1 HP, and the elevation motor is 1/4 HP. This machine can handle stock up to 36” wide, 5-3/4” thick and anything above a 14” minimum length. The belt is 37” x 60” and travels at 2600 feet per minute (FPM). The conveyor speed is variable from 15 to 49 FPM. There are three 5” dust ports, and the sander requires 75 PSI air. It’s a compact footprint – 21-1/2″ x 51-1/2″ and it weighs in at 1,826 lbs. (shipping). The SB1096 manual was written by a U.S. based team, and the company’s customer and technical support are also U.S. based. Parts are available online and shipped from Springfield, Missouri and the sander comes with a 2-year warranty.