9″ Power Cutter

Woodworkers who do remodeling or new construction often have to deal with concrete or steel obstacles. For those occasional challenges, the new 18V X2 (36 volts total) LXT® brushless, cordless 9” power cutter kit (XEC01PT1) from Makita could be a real treat on the job-site. It has the power to cut through various materials with a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/2”. That means it can cut through a standard residential concrete slab in a single pass. Besides concrete, it has the power to cut through I-beams, steel pipe (3”), rebar (3/4” -#6), metal studs (14” wide) and more. And because it’s cordless, there’s no oil/gas mixing, no emissions, no pull starts, no engine maintenance, and lighter weight. So, it can be used indoors. It runs at 6,600 RPM, and there’s an integrated water delivery system with a water flow adjustment knob that continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 Compliance in concrete cutting applications. It has an electric brake, an emergency shut-off and LED lights.