Hercules brand HA25-B24 miter saw blade

A 12″ Miter saw Blade from Harbor Freight

The new Hercules™ brand HA25-B24 professional quality woodworking miter saw blade (item 58606, $69.99) from Harbor Freight has ultra-sharp premium grade carbide teeth for long life and better speed. It’s designed for cutting hardwood, melamine, laminate, and veneer. Deeper gullets remove material at a faster rate, and it’s designed for use with premium corded or cordless miter saws.

The blade is full kerf (1/8”, 0.126”) for fast stock removal, and it has an alternate top bevel (ATB) tooth design for efficient material removal. There’s a 1” arbor hole, 96 teeth, and it is rated for a maximum of 5000 RPM.

The shipping weight is 3.88 lbs.