A $2995 Sawmill | Woodezine
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A $2995 Sawmill


Indiana based Wood-Mizer is offering the 7 HP version of its new LX25 entry-level portable sawmill for $2,995, and the 9 HP for $300 more. Both are built in the USA and can be flat-rate shipped for $399. Designed for weekend sawyers, woodworkers, homesteaders and hobbyists, the LX25 hobby mill features a large cutting capacity. It can saw 26” diameter logs into 22” wide boards that are up to 12’-5” in length, with optional 5’ bed extensions for sawing longer lengths. The mill includes reliable Kohler gas engine options, an accurate auto-locking saw-head, gravity-fed blade lubrication, and quick-set log handling for a user-friendly sawing experience. Built from premium quality steel, it has ¼” thick laser cut steel bed rails, additional diagonal sawmill bed cross sections, a solid tube steel saw-head frame and industrial-grade powder coated paint.