SB1125 19 variable speed floor model drill press from South Bend

A 3-Phase Drill Press That Runs on 220 Volts

A new 19-1/2″ variable speed floor model drill press from South Bend (item SB1125 19, $3,750) has a 3-phase motor that runs on standard 220V single-phase power because of its built-in inverter. This makes it a great high-end option for serious hobbyists and smaller shops running single-phase power. Just plug it into any 220V single-phase outlet. The SB1125 features a full 5-1/2″ of spindle travel with an MT#3 spindle and comes with a 5/8″ capacity drill chuck. It has two ranges of variable spindle speed control from 50 to 400 and 300 to 2000 RPM, with a digital readout. This wide range of speeds makes it perfect for woodworkers. The 16″ x 20″ precision-ground cast-iron table has two 5/8″ T-slots, with 360-degree table positioning around the column and a hand-crank for the rack-and-pinion table elevation. The table can be swung to the back when drilling tall work-pieces. The control panel has a front-mounted STOP button, a forward/reverse switch, and a built-in LED light. There‚Äôs an easy-to-use belt tensioner with a slide-bolt latch, and the motor is 1 HP drawing 3.8 Amps at 220V (South Bend is recommending a 15 Amp circuit). The maximum distance from the spindle to the column is 9-3/4″ and from the spindle to the table is 25-5/16″. The table swivels 30 degrees left and right. The drill chuck takes a JT6 key, and it can handle bit shafts from 3/64″ to 5/8″ diameter. The drill press is 68-1/2″ tall and weighs 514 lbs. (shipping weight). The SB1125 comes with a 2-year warranty.