A Circular Saw… Planer?


The new NFU 50 groove cutting machine from Mafell is a dream come true for timber framers, framing carpenters and landscape woodworkers. It’s basically a circular saw with a dado head – a BIG dado head – that can cut grooves, dadoes and rabbets in quick time on the jobsite or in the woodshop. It will mill grooves along the grain that measure from 7/8″ to 1-9/16 in” wide, when using an optional accessory. It will cut bird-mouth joints up to 45 degrees in a single pass, so just set up the rafters in a row and go! Think of the possibilities – tenons, notches, lap joints – all of those cuts that used to be made in several passes with a standard circular saw, following by a hammer and chisel. Listed at $2,713, this is a serious time saver and the fact that it’s portable means that timbers can be dressed right on the jobsite and custom fit for perfect joinery. Contact Timberwolf Tools in Chicago for more info.