Cordless Cooler 600791380 from Metabo

A Cordless Cooler from Metabo

Jobsite lunchtimes just got a little more comfortable. This cordless cooler (item 600791380) keeps food or drinks warm or cold and there are three choices for powering it. A woodworker can use 18 Volt battery packs (from Metabo or its CAS partners), or plug into the household current, or use a 12 Volt car cable. The powerful brushless motor has an optional EcoMode for even longer runtime in battery operation. The cooler has optimal inside dimensions for large bottles (1.5 liter), and an insertable separating grid for keeping order inside the box. The lid locks in place using a swiveling motion on the handle, and there’s even a practical bottle opener at the left corner of the box. The cooler has integrated storage for the two supplied connection cables, and the entire unit is stackable on any new metaBOX jobsite organizer from Metabo. It can be combined with all 18 Volt battery packs and chargers of the CAS brands.

The maximum cooling output in ambient temperature is 17 C (62.6 F) and the maximum temperature for keeping warm is 60 C (140 F). The cooler’s volume is 24 liters (6.34 gallons) and the weight is 5.9 kg (13 lbs.). The stock number above is for the cooler only (no battery pack or charger). This item is so new we couldn’t find a price.