Dowel jig from MLCS

A Doweling Jig and Two Milescraft Clamps from MLCS

Some new products from MLCS caught our eye this week. The first is the JointPro doweling jig that looks like a simple but accurate tool that woodworkers of any skill level could use immediately. It offers a level of precision in edge, corner, and surface joints and its self-clamping feature securely lines up and holds workpieces in place. One can drill up to six matching holes per set-up in thicker stock, so it’s ideal for strong furniture joints such as leg to apron. The user can clamp both boards in their correct orientation for precise hole alignment with the main body and the auxiliary clamp. It has interchangeable hardened steel bushing blocks (3/8″, 1/4″, 5/16″). The kit includes two detachable clamps (main and auxiliary) that keep boards perfectly parallel and they can be used for horizontal or vertical positioning. They have non-slip, non-marring pads (item 400-2244, $59.99).

Next up is a traditional face clamp that comes in a number of different sizes and at a great price. This is a quick solution for holding two parts together or clamping a part to a workbench and it’s ideal for tasks such as project assembly or achieving flush joints during pocket hole assembly. The clamps have a large metal swivel pad that’s designed to prevent marring the workpiece, and also to distribute clamping force evenly. A thumbscrew allows for quick and easy adjustment of the jaw capacity, and the handles have an over-mold for comfort and to allow maximum clamping pressure. The smallest 2” clamp is specifically designed to fit easily in small places.

The 2″ clamp (400-2113, $10.99) opens to 2-1/4” and delivers 300 lbs. of pressure.

The 3″ clamp (400-2114, $18.99) opens to 2-3/4” and delivers 300 lbs. of pressure.

The 6″ clamp (400-2115, $26.99) opens to 5” and delivers 400 lbs. of pressure.

The 8″ clamp (400-2116, $32.99) opens to 6-1/4” and delivers 400 lbs. of pressure.

A version of this clamp for pocket holes is also available, where one of the pads is replaced by a pin sized for pocket screw bores. That’s item 400-2117, and it’s listed at $26.99.

You can find a list of clamp manufacturers here.