PHC 18 charger (item 577155) from Festool

A Festool Phone Charger

The new PHC 18 charger (item 577155, $49) works with all 18 V Li-ion battery packs except the 3.1 Ah Ergo battery packs. It acts as a clever adapter that transforms a battery pack into a power bank. No more searching for an available outlet or worrying about whether your smartphone battery will last until the end of the day. Plus, it can supply up to three smartphones with power at the same time, either with a user’s own charging cables or inductive charging. If there is no mobile phone charging cable around, you can charge the phone wirelessly (provided that the mobile phone or smartphone supports inductive charging).

The charger has USB-A and USB-C ports and an inductive charging surface. When combined with a fully charged 5.2 Ah standard battery pack, a mobile phone with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh can be charged up to eight times. The PHC 18 phone charger is also more robust than a conventional power bank and the rubberized surface ensures that smartphones are held securely during inductive charging. And because it has the dimensions of a compact battery pack, the PHC 18 phone charger can easily be stored in a Systainer and carried anywhere.