Jet's Flip-Top Table

A Flip-Top Table for Two Small Machines, from JET

Running out of space in your small shop? Here’s an update on a clever idea that’s been around for years. JET’s new Flip Top Benchtop Machine Table lets a woodworker attach two or even three small bench-top machines to a swiveling tabletop so that they all occupy the same small piece of real estate. With 5 inches of height adjustment, various machines can be located at the optimal height for the user. The large (20″ x 25″) surface can hold up to 300 lbs. A pair of ergonomic side handles simply pull out to flip the table and/or lock it back into place.

The company says that the device (item 728200) requires that there are two machines attached to safely balance the top when flipping. However, a woodworker might be able to make it work (at his/her own risk) with some kind of ballast if there was only one. JET also makes a non-flipping table, the Universal Benchtop Machine Table (item 728100).

The table fits many of JET’s bench-top machines, and it looks like it would be easy to adapt to other brands. It has steel construction with a solid top and the height is adjustable from 30″ to 35″. It weighs 43 lbs. and can be made mobile with an optional set of 2″ locking casters.