Dust Right® Floor Sweep from Rockler (66107)

A Floor Sweep with a Built-in Blast Gate

The new Dust Right® Floor Sweep from Rockler (66107, $19.99) is one of those simple ideas that everyone seems to have missed. It meets an essential need is an uncomplicated and highly efficient way. This is a dust collection port that captures any dust and debris that a woodworker sweeps into it with a broom, eliminating the need to stoop down and use a dustpan. But the genius here is that it includes a foot-activated blast gate. That means it’s not always open and thus reducing the suction at other dust collection ports around the shop. It can be secured to the floor or to the bottom of a wall with pre-drilled mounting holes, and its contoured corners eliminate ”dead spaces” where dust could build up. The side tabs have four holes for mounting to the floor, or the back plate has a single hole for wall-mounting. The port fits 4” dust hoses with hose clamps (not included). The Dust Right floor sweep is made from durable polymer plastic, and it’s reinforced with rib supports for strength and durability. It’s just over 18” wide x 6-1/8” deep (including the tab for the blast gate) x 2-3/8” high at the front opening.