A 4-piece MDF Shaker Door Set for MDF from Amana Tool

A four-piece Shaker Door Set for MDF from Amana Tool

The new set (item AMS-262) includes three 1/2” shaft bits and one 1/4” shaft spiral plunge bit and it’s designed for creating simulated Shaker doors in MDF or solid panels for foil, paint, or powder coating. The bits will work in wood, melamine, veneered plywood, plastic, laminate, solid surface materials and MDF. Included are a solid carbide insert knife with four cutting edges (HMA-12), a 60-degree, 1-1/16” diameter V-groove insert bit (RC-1108), a 1/8” diameter solid carbide Spektra™ Extreme Tool Life coated spiral plunge bit (46200-K), a mini spoilboard bit (RC-2254) that has carbide inserts and can be used for surfacing, rabbeting, leveling and even planing, and an In-Presta™ 1/4” straight plunge bit (45408-3) that is designed for high production on CNCs and has three flutes. Amana is also including ten MDF grade, long-lasting insert solid carbide replacement knives. WoodEzine saw the set offered by Tools Today for $269.96.

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