Rockler Box Joint Jig 59827

A Larger Box joint Jig from Rockler

The new jig (item 59827, $119.99) clamps to the router table using the miter gauge slot, and it uses a solid brass indexing key (two sizes are provided) to prevent slippage and ensure precise results. A woodworker uses two large plastic knobs to secure the MDF base of the jig to the miter slot of a router table. On top of the base, a sturdy steel sled holds the work and guide it past the bit. The precision-machined brass indexing keys deliver air-tight joints with either 1/2” or 3/4” fingers. The vertical face of the sled has two sacrificial MDF boards (a large one behind and a small one in front) that securely sandwich the workpiece and provide backup support for reduced tear-out. The MDF platform is 1/2” thick, so larger pieces can be supported by adding a 1/2” piece of material to the left and/or right side of the platform. The jig is easy to set up and detailed instructions are included. A rear-mounted handle provides excellent control and keeps hands away from the spinning router bit. The platform has a low-friction melamine surface, and it fits a standard 3/8” x 3/4” miter gauge slot. The key that is not in use can be stored on the sled. Rockler recommends using up-cut spiral bits (sold separately) for the cleanest cuts without blowout.