Universal Featherboard Pro from Magswitch

A Magnetic Feather-board and Stop System for the Tablesaw

The new Universal Featherboard Pro from Magswitch (item 81101303) keeps the workpiece securely pressed against the table saw fence, and it can do so in either left or right-handed positions. Its wide base magnets and innovative, compressing gaskets provide excellent grip, even when the device is located right above the table saw miter slot.  And two micro-adjustable bump feet allow the tool to also function as a versatile stop for setting up cross cuts. For added stability, the new feather-board has more width than its predecessors. The bump stops have independent adjustability using thumb wheels, and the device’s knobs improve visibility for the magnetic ON/OFF switch.

The feather-board’s nominal maximum breakaway force is an impressive 126 lbs., and its shear is over 50 lbs. It weighs just 1.2 lbs. and has a footprint that measures 5.29″ long x 6.23″ wide. The bump stop adjustment range is 0.55”.

To use the feather-board, a woodworker turns off the table saw, sets the fence location and locks it in place. Then he/she places the workpiece against fence, near the sawblade. The feather-board is then positioned on the table before the blade (that is, on the infeed – it shouldn’t be beside or behind the blade) with the ends of the feathers closer to the back of the saw. The feathers are then compressed (there are detailed instructions for this), and the device is then locked in place by turning both knobs clockwise 180° until they stay in place. The body of the feather-board will lower to the table as the gaskets compress to grip the table.

As one feeds the workpiece through the saw using a standard feed rate, the feathers will catch on the edge of the workpiece if there is any kickback, and prevent the part being ejected from the saw.

The feather-board doesn’t hold parts down on the saw table unless it is used in a vertical position on the fence.

To turn off the magnets, first make sure the saw is turned off and then twist both knobs counterclockwise 180°.

If using the micro-adjustable bump stops, one can twist the knurled nuts on the end of the feather-board to thread or unthread them.  Every full turn of the knurled nut delivers 1mm or 0.039” of adjustment.

WoodEzine found the Universal Featherboard Pro at Rockler and other online retailers for $79.99.

Woodworkers who wish to build a shop-made feather-board will find some instructions here.