A Magnetic Tool Roll


The Magnetic ToolMat™ from Colorado based Master Magnets is one of the handiest gizmos we’ve seen in a while. It’s a flexible mat that was designed for holding tools and small metal parts securely in the workshop, or on the job-site. It’s magnetic on both sides, so it attaches to any flat or curved ferrous metal surface. This is a mobile tool carrier to keep tools and parts close at hand and stop them dropping on the floor. It’s ideal for anyone installing cabinet hardware, attaching casework or countertops, assembling boxes and drawers, or anywhere else that there are screws, hardware and bits to handle. It is especially handy up ladders or inside base cabinets because it wraps around and attaches to itself, so it can be used on non-metal surfaces such as ladders and plumbing. The durable synthetic leather is resistant to rips and damage, grease, oil and common shop chemicals. It wipes clean easily and has reinforced grommets and a sewn-in handle that makes it easy to carry or mount. There are three sizes available at $20, $30 and $40.