Woodpeckers Exact-90 Miter Gauge

A Miter Gauge that Doesn’t Miter!

This is very clever.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, woodworkers need a miter gauge to make accurate crosscuts at exactly 90 degrees in boards or panels. We rarely need to make other angled cuts in large parts. When we do need to cut compound angles, it’s usually on thin stock so the miter saw is a better solution.

Recognizing this, Woodpeckers have come up with a miter gauge that delivers absolutely accurate 90-degree crosscuts each and every time.

Technically, a miter is an angled cut that combines with another angled cut to deliver a 90-degree assembly, such as the corners on a picture frame. This ‘miter gauge’ doesn’t adjust. It only makes 90-degree cuts.

And it does that no matter how loose the table saw slots are. Woodpeckers Exact-90 Miter Gauge has no complicated, accuracy-compromising mechanics for setting unneeded angles. There’s no protractor, no pins, no springs – just a rock solid, billet-machined aluminum head that is locked in perfectly square to the miter bar. It is permanently calibrated to cut perfectly square every time. A miter gauge designed to be set to different angles inevitably involves some sloppiness. Here, every variable that could affect precision of the Exact-90 has been engineered and machined to deliver a perfect 90 degree cut.

That starts with the miter bar. There was a time when the machining of the miter gauge slot in a table saw was held to strict tolerance. The slots were smooth and precisely ground and they were mated with longer, more precisely milled miter bars. Sadly, that’s not the case today. Now a typical miter slot varies in width from end-to-end and has a rough texture that doesn’t lend itself to precision. This new gauge overcomes the limitations of poorly machined or time-worn miter slots. The patent-pending bar has five specially designed nylon leaf springs built into its edge. These springs automatically adapt to either undersized or oversized miter slots, with no adjustments needed. Even if the slot varies in width from end to end (and it probably does), the springs expand and contract to keep the right edge of the bar perfectly tight against the miter slot wall.  To complement the leaf springs, the bar is an impressive 25-1/2″ long, which is the longest on the market. This improves accuracy by spanning inconsistencies in the miter slot and increases the crosscut capacity to 24″ on most 10″ table saws. (It may require modifying the slot extensions in an outfeed table.)

If a saw has a T-track miter slot, the Woodpeckers Miter Bar has two T-washers (not just one!) to deliver extra support when making wide crosscuts. If there’s no T-track, the washers can be removed as each is held in place with a countersunk screw. 

Woodpeckers Exact-90 Miter Gauge fits most standard tables saws and will work in slots from 0.742″ to 0.765″ wide that are 3/8″ deep. There is a micro-adjustment screw in front of the handle that lets a shop dial it in absolutely perfectly if the factory setting is off a hair (which would be surprising).

Perfectly square is great, but accurately controlling the length of stock is critical, too. The Exact-90 includes a newly designed fence with an easy-to-read scale right on top. The fence houses an extension that slides out to take the flip stop all the way to 45 inches.

The flip stop’s new design includes finger-tip dial control, with no tapping or nudging. It’s also tool-free. The gauge also comes with a sacrificial fence that can be used to reduce tear-out and fully support material all the way through the blade.

The photo shows a top view of the gauge with the adjustable stop (left); a top view of the entire package including the sacrificial fence (top right); and a detail of the clever nylon leaf springs on the left-hand edge of the bar (bottom right).

The Exact-90 Miter Gauge is precisely manufactured in Strongsville, Ohio and delivery is scheduled to begin in December 2021.

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