A Multi-Purpose Small Vise

Garrett Wade is located in West Chester, Ohio and specializes in bringing “durable and traditional tools that last for years” to our workbenches. The company’s latest catalog addition is a small, beautifully made bench or table vise with a 4” maximum opening. It can be attached to a drill press, a workbench, or just taken out of a drawer when needed. It can also be mounted to a block of wood so that it can be temporarily secured in an end vise on a woodworker’s bench. The stock number is 05R10.07, and it’s listed at $98. The tool has four steel pegs that have both flat and round edges, and these can be moved and rotated to hold irregularly shaped parts. They also store on board. The serrated jaws can hold round stock, either vertically (pen blanks?) or horizontally, such as when hand fluting a dowel. A two-inch square flat anvil can be moved into either of two positions and is the perfect striking surface when a woodworker needs to do small tasks such as peening over a rivet, or perhaps bending some wire. Garrett Wade says that “its small size belies this anvil-vise’s big-time usefulness”.