Bosch GLM165-27CGL laser measurer

A New Bosch Blaze 165-foot Laser Measuring Device

The newest Blaze™ (model GLM165-27CGL) from Robert Bosch Tool Corporation uses green-beam technology that generates a point (dot) up to four times brighter than a standard red beam.

A built-in inclinometer shows the tilt angle up to 360° for easy angle and indirect measurements. The tool’s laser is accurate to ±1/16”, and it includes a button that rounds a measurement to the fraction that best suits the application. It also has haptic feedback (vibration) for loud jobsites. There’s Bluetooth® 4.2 functionality, so users can digitally transfer measurements to a smartphone or a tablet through the company’s free MeasureOn app. There’s a full rubber over-mold housing and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. The tool is IP65 rated for jobsite use and has an ergonomic design for a better grip. It includes eleven different measuring functions including real-time length, length, area, volume, and indirect functions, plus addition and subtraction capability. There’s an easy-to-read backlit color display that illuminates numbers with distinct resolution for work in low-light or no-light conditions, and a belt clip. The device is 4.7” long, 1.2” thick and 2.1” wide, and it only weighs 0.2lbs. A 3.7 Volt battery is included, as is a pouch.

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