Blades for Festool plunge saw

A New Family of Blades for Festool’s Plunge Saws

Last month we told you about Festool’s new TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic plunge saw. The company has now introduced a new family of saw blades for that saw, and they also fit the HK 55 and HKC 55 saws. All six of the new blades have a 6.29” (160mm) diameter and a 4/5” (20mm) bore for the shaft, and they’re color-coded for easy selection.

The 28-tooth model W28 (item 205560) is listed at $61 and this is a combination wood blade designed for solid wood, blockboard, plywood, multi-ply, raw chipboard, MDF and HDF (high-density fiberboard). It’s made from high quality steel with fine grain carbide teeth, and Festool says that “the reduced cutting width of the saw blade geometry allows users to work faster and for longer”.

The PW16 is a rip blade with 16 teeth. Listed at $55 (item 205559), it is intended for rapid working with a low application of power, especially for rip cuts in solid hardwood and softwood.

The WD42 (205561, $84) delivers a fine cut for clean and splinter-free cross cuts in solid wood as well as for coated or veneered panels.

The new TF52 L (205562, $95) is for machining coated panels, laminate panels, melamine hard panels, solid surfaces and phenolic-resin-bonded fibers and fabrics.

Festool is also introducing the TF52 A (205563, $95) which is configured for machining composite panels, non-ferrous metals, copper, brass, phenolic-resin-bonded fibers and fabric, hard plastics, hard PVC, acrylic glass, aluminum panels and aluminum profiles.

And rounding up the list of new blades is the F4 (item 205564, $145) which is a diamond saw blade for abrasive materials such as cement-bonded and gypsum-bonded chipboard and fiberboard.

You can see the new saw blades here. Just click on the selection window on that page to view the various models.