A New Line of Woodworking Machines

For more than a century, South Bend Tools has been a maker of high-end metalworking machines and accessories. Now, under the new ownership of Grizzly founder Shiraz Balolia, the manufacturer has entered the woodworking market with some high-end machines. The company plans to release more of the new line-up by the end of 2021. Developed to address the needs of working professionals and artisans, the first entries include a 16″ bandsaw, a 37″ wide belt sander, an 8″ parallelogram jointer, a combination belt/disc sander, and a downdraft table. Other planned 2021 releases will include a 24″ bandsaw, 15″, 20″ and 25″ planers, multiple cyclone dust collectors, gearhead drill presses, spindle shapers, variable-speed grinders, and table saws. South Bend offers preferred pricing to educational and governmental institutions, as well as volume pricing for large facilities. Lease and payment programs are also available. All South Bend machines feature a 2-year warranty. Founded in 1906, the company began as a manufacturer of metalworking lathes and by 1930 it produced nearly 50% of all the engine lathes in the United States. Complete details on the new South Bend woodworking line will soon be available at southbendtools.com, but for now woodworkers can visit Grizzly to see what’s available.