GrabberPRO push block from Milescraft

A New Push Block from Milescraft

We’ve been using MicroJig’s GRR-Ripper® 3D push blocks in the Woodezine shop for many years (shown at left with green knobs) and have credited them with saving lots of fingers. They provide three directions of force – down toward the table, in toward the fence, and forward through the blade. They’re not just a safety device, they also help prevent burning and saw marks because the part can be pushed smoothly through the machine.

Now Illinois based Milescraft has introduced the GrabberPRO™ (item 3406, with red knobs). The company describes it as “the ultimate adjustable push block. Ideal for use on table saws, router tables, jointers, and even band saws. Designed with control, precision, and safety in mind! The multi-leg design allows the GrabberPro to pass over both sides of a saw blade, keeping contact with the workpiece and helping reduce kickback. The inward, downward, and forward pressure provide superior control all the way through the cut, keeping you and your fingers protected.” Four adjustable and interchangeable legs (1”, 1/2”, 1/4” and 1/8”) let a woodworker customize the push block and cut clean, precise strips as small as 1/8” thick. The block helps reduce kickback by maintaining contact on both sides of the blade through a cut, and the elevated base keeps hands further away from the cutting surface for increased safety. The tilted handle design keeps constant downward, inward, and forward pressure on a workpiece, and an angled support foot can be lowered to support the GrabberPro for extra tall or thin cuts. The diamond grip on the bottom of the legs is made from a non-marring, TPE material that has an easy-to-clean surface to help avoid slipping. And the push block has a sacrificial retractable heel that provides extra forward control during cuts and also helps prevent tear-out.