Micro Trim Screw from FastCap

A New Trim Screw from FastCap

The Micro Trim Screw is extremely slim and it has a tiny head. It is 2” long and has a coarse thread that merges into a progressively fine pitched thread. That makes it ideal for pulling trim together, where nails would never provide sufficient holding power. The new screw works well when driven into material that has a thin veneer, or where the woodworker is worried about blow-out. And it leaves a very small hole (about the size of an 8d finish nail), so a little wax filler or putty can make the head almost disappear. Because it’s a screw and not a finish nail, it can be driven below the surface without having to reach for a hammer and nail set. That can save a lot of time on a trim job. And because of the unique thread pattern, it can pull boards tight with a clamping action. It also works well on mitered joints, where the heads can be easily disguised. That tiny head means that it works best with a Phillip #1 bit (rather than the standard #2). The screws come in a 300-pack and are listed at $30.  There’s a YouTube™ video HERE.