A New Version of Cabinet Vision

Hexagon has just released a new version of Cabinet Vision that significantly reconfigures how customers can purchase the software, and also provides some new tools for cabinet door manufacturing that include parts management and handle-less door production. It lets customers mix and match functions in a way that is more cost effective and provides more flexibility than previous versions. Customers can choose either cabinets or closets as a core process, and then build with specialized functions for bidding, machining, countertops and more. Plus, new businesses can better grow with their software, instead of having to purchase everything at once. Cabinet Vision makes it easy for furniture, woodworking or case-good manufacturers of all sizes to use a single, fully modular software package to go from design to manufacture. And because shops buy only the features they need, the software is highly scalable and cost-effective. An intuitively simple parametric function means designers can modify elements without reprogramming. The result is a reduction in both time-consuming processes and human error.