Grabo Nemo and Grabo Pro

A Powerful Portable Handle

New from Betterley tools in Mounds View, Minnesota, are a couple of cordless but very powerful vacuum handles that can be used to grab all kinds of materials in the woodshop and on the jobsite. Called the Grabo Nemo ($199) and the Grabo Pro ($299), they are in essence electronic suction cups with handles. They can lift up-to 375Lbs, and can grab all manner of materials such as cabinets, sheet goods, countertops, wooden furniture, heavy stone, tile, glass, laminated cardboard, plastics, wood, metals (even diamond plate), and drywall.

The basic kit includes the tool plus a battery and seal, a mechanical pressure gauge with a protective rubber cover, a multi-socket charger, the manual and a canvas carry bag.

The Grabo PRO-Lifter 20 is a more rugged version of the tool, with a foam rubber vacuum seal that is resistant to loss of vacuum pressure. Once the pressure pump is activated, it creates a strong suction and firmly attaches to any non-porous flat surface. To lift any flat solid material, simply turn on the unit and place it straight on the surface. The Pro automatically monitors the vacuum and if vacuum pressure is lost, the pump is automatically powered up until the vacuum pressure is restored. The Pro is designed for professionals, and it has a best-in-class pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute.

Say good-bye to unreliable and sometimes dangerous manual suction cups. This tool is an effective vacuum lifter even for dusty, semi-porous or rough surfaces and, just like the other version, the powerful vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle. The handle is also equipped with a digital display that shows the maximum weight that the GRABO Pro can safely lift at that very moment, which is displayed in both pounds and kilograms The automatic sensor is especially useful when lifting and moving coarse materials, as the sensors digitally detect and maintain the required pressure while transferring the object being lifted.