A Professional Grade, Two-Temperature, Hot Melt Glue Gun from Ryobi

Woodworkers know that a decent glue gun can replace a second pair of hands or a clamp when you’re lining up parts. The heat-sensitive glue cools quickly and grabs hardware or cleats in just seconds. Now Ryobi is about to introduce its new P307 gun, which has a few features that are going to make life a bit easier for woodshops. The innovations include two heat settings for different types of glue, a built-in folding drip tray, very fast heat-up, and a menu of nozzles for different tasks.

The gun (which WoodEzine believes will retail for just under $50 for the tool only) runs on Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ platform and both looks and feels like a cordless drill. The dual temperature option offers a low setting of 248°F (120°C) and a high setting at 320°F (160°C). That’s good news for shops that work with heat-sensitive materials such as vinyl and plastic or coatings that may be susceptible to damage at higher temperatures.

The gun also comes with three interchangeable glue nozzles for increased control and productivity. There’s the standard nozzle that will work for most applications, plus an extended Precision Nozzle for dropping just the right amount of adhesive in exactly the right spot. And the Spreader Nozzle lets the woodworker apply a hefty amount of glue over a larger area when working with bigger parts. The P307 also heats up in just two minutes, which means less downtime during assembly. And the drip tray lets you keep the tool close to or even on the work while in use, without worrying about drips contaminating a finish or surface. There’s an LED indicator light that changes color from red to green when the tool is ready to use.

The P307 gun comes with ten general purpose glue sticks and a 3-year warranty, and it will be available shortly at The Home Depot’s physical and online stores.

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