Grizzly T32428 outfeed table

A Roller Bearing Outfeed Table from Grizzly

The new and impressive 37” wide outfeed system (item T32428, $375 plus $75 freight) extends support behind the blade to about 48″. The device folds down easily without tools, and it snaps up in place quickly when needed. Some drilling or minor modifications is necessary for installation: the operator needs to drill four holes in the back of the saw cabinet using a provided template. These holes accommodate four mounting studs.

The unit is primarily designed for cabinet and hybrid saws, so it may not work on some saws including contractor models with open bases. However, the mounting concept is basic, so even though Grizzly doesn’t say so, most shops should be able to adapt the outfeed table to fit a table saw, shaper, or other machine. The mobile base shown in the photo is not included.

The T32428 comes with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and factory defects.