Precision Tapering Jig from Woodpeckers

A Serious, High Quality Tapering Jig from Woodpeckers

Anyone making lots of tapered legs for tables and other furniture might be interested in the new Precision Tapering Jig from Woodpeckers in Strongsville, Ohio. It’s a little expensive (prices start at $279.99) but is well worth a look for shops that need to perform this task safely, accurately and repeatedly. In fact, it “offers instantly repeatable quarter-degree angle setting, material clamping, zero-clearance material support and length capacity that can extend up to 48 inches”.

To set the taper angle for most wood parts, there’s a scale with interlocking teeth that locks the angle precisely in quarter-degree increments from 0° to 7°. For larger angles there’s a second scale which goes from 0° to 15° in half-degree increments. These interlocking teeth mean that a woodworker can taper a number of parts at one angle, switch to another for a while, and then return to exactly the same set-up as he/she originally had. That makes this a production jig. It eliminates tape measure, protractors and human error.

Anyone who has used a normal taper jig knows there’s a moment of anxiety at the end of the cut when the blade gets close. That’s especially unnerving when an employee is using the jig. The operator is working close to the blade, there’s not much material left and that slim angle doesn’t lend itself to using push sticks or feather-boards. The Precision Taper Jig has a sacrificial MDF sled on the bottom and quick-release clamps that ride in the extrusion tracks, so the workpiece is held down to the sled rather than the saw table, which is much safer.

The sled also eliminates worry about bottom side tear-out. With a clamping range from 3″ down to just 17/32″, the clamps work on just about any tapered project and the clamping handles serve double-duty as convenient gripping points for pushing the jig.

For wider stock, there are two choices. A shop can make a sacrificial sled the same size as the workpiece, or just remove the sled and let the jig ride on the table. Here, there is enough contact and support to do so very safely.

If a woodworker needs more than the 32″ capacity of the standard Precision Taper Jig, it can be expanded to 48″. The extension kit can be added at any time.

Plastic push plates at the rear of the jig are inexpensive (4 for $5.99) and replaceable. The plastic pads on the hold-down clamps are also available, as are various MDF sleds. The clamping handles run $49.99. There’s a 16” extension kit for the 32” jig, and a standalone 48” jig.

Pre-ordering is available now and delivery is scheduled to begin in October 2021.

There’s a short YouTube™ movie here.

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