from General

A Serious Yet Affordable Dust Collector

General’s dust collector line has now expanded to sixteen models with the introduction of a new 3 HP unit, the 10-210 CF DAS M1. The series runs from a 1 HP, 110-volt, bag filter collector ($499) to this two-bag, two-canister 220-volt collector with manual agitators listed at $2,199.99. In between, there are models that range from 506 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to the 2,280 CFM drawn by this impressive model.

The 10-210 has an auto switch where the woodworking machine being served can be directly connected to the dust collector. When the machine is turned on or off, the dust collector follows suit automatically (a feature found on all DAS units). There’s a convenient snap ring on the lower collection bags, and a heavy-duty motor design with a continuous duty rating for industrial applications. The motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled and permanently lubricated. The heavy-duty base is mounted on four swivel casters, and the collector has a precision, spark-free, spin-balanced impeller for smooth operation, minimal noise and to reduce the risk of sparking. A safety switch with a key prevents the unit from being started when the key is removed, and the heavy-duty collection bags are made from extra-thick, transparent, recyclable plastic.

This collector comes with the option of using a single 6” inlet or two 4” connectors. The blower wheel is 12″ in diameter, and the sound rating is 80 to 95 dB. The bag capacity is 83 gallons each. The dimensions are 56-3/4” x 27-1/2” x 67-7/8” tall. The net weight is 150 lbs.