Small carving chisels from Garrett Wade

A Set of Four Micro Carving Chisels from Garrett Wade

Newly arrived at Garrett Wade is a set of detail carving chisels from Dockyard Tools (item 12K04.08, $76.50) that are made in the good old USA.

The handles are lightly stained cherry wood, 3/8” thick, with an octagonal shape for better grip and to prevent rolling. The tools have super sharp steel blades that are hardened to 59 Rockwell. They measure 5-1/2” overall with 4” long handles and 1-1/2” blades.  Included in this set are…

A 5 mm (13/64”) U-shape that is great for figure carving, buttons, etc.).

A 2.4 mm (3/32”) dogleg bench chisel that’s used for making inlays and has a subtle, beveled edge to ease beneath the surface of the wood.

A 2 mm (5/64”) V-tool that can do fine detail work for figures and lines, as in fish scales, or checkering for gun stocks.

A 3 mm (1/8”) straight paring blade tool for texturing lines and cleaning cuts.

The chisel set comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and free return policy. Dockyard Tools is s family run business located in Williamsburg, Michigan, about half a mile from the east shore of Lake Michigan.

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