A Simple and Inexpensive Bit & Blade Setting Jig

Need an easy way to set the bit height or the distance from the fence on your router table? How about setting the table saw blade accurately for cutting mortise and tenon joinery, or milling dadoes? Rockler’s new Center/Depth Gauge (item 55010, $19.99) does all that for about twenty bucks. It’s simple, fast and clever. For setting the fence, it has two little notches on the base for ¼” or ½” shank bits. Simply set the distance you want, slide the jig against the shaft of the bit and move the fence to the correct position. Just remember that this aligns with the center of the bit, so it measures to the centerline of the cut. To dial in the distance from the edge of the bit to the fence, use the flat edge of the gauge. The broad foot will rest against the router table fence, and it’s offset so the fence opening isn’t a problem. The gauge has a hairline indicator that adjusts for dead-on accuracy, and a 12” long steel ruler with both metric and imperial measurements. A nylon-tipped knurled knob secures the gauge without marring the ruler. To set the table saw height, just dial in the required exposure and raise the blade to it. It’s that easy.