RAMPA Threaded Insert for Thin Panels

A Slot-free Threaded Insert for Thin Panels

RAMPA is a German manufacturer with more than a century of experience is fasteners, and a distribution network for North America that is based in Ontario. The company makes a full range of threaded inserts for RTA (ready-to-assemble) and KD (knock-down) furniture.

The latest addition to the line, the Type E Insert, does away with hex keys and slotted screwdrivers to turn the hardware and drive it into a hole. Instead, it uses a very clever driver (Type 515) that pops in a drill, a CNC chuck or an aggregate head and simply uses the interior threads as a drive mechanism. The exterior threads still grip the edge of a drilled hole, and after the driver has seated the insert, it is reversed to withdraw it. Then the interior threads can accept a threaded bolt for cabinet or furniture assembly.

The new Type E inserts can be used in panels as thin as 6mm (1/4”), and the threaded end of the driver can be adjusted for length to suit different board and insert dimensions.