Samet Master Soft Close Hinge

A Soft Close Black Hinge from Samet

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Samet is an 800-employee state-of-the-art hardware manufacture with worldwide distribution, including the U.S. (contact Knape & Vogt). Back in early 2020 we told you about the company’s Supreme soft-close hinge, and this update covers the next generation, the Master.

The company’s new Master Black soft-close hinge delivers slow and silent closure of cabinet doors using a specially developed mechanism that fits elegantly inside the hinge, and it is part of the aesthetic black appearance. The soft-close mechanism is durable metal, and the hinge’s track mechanism permits simple, tool-free installation and removal of the door with a single touch – without using a screwdriver. That’s very convenient when assembling casework, especially on the jobsite.

Another Samet innovation here is an eccentric adjustment system that provides triple axis adjustment of the Master hinge (up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards). The opening angle is 110 degrees, the cup diameter is a standard 35 mm, and the cup depth is 12.5 mm (1/2”). The hinge body and cup are steel with a black nickel coating. The hinges are wholesale packaged in 125-unit batches.