A Solid Tabletop for Bora Tool’s Centipede Folding Legs

Troy, Michigan based Bora Tool says on its website that the new CT22N Centipede® Solid Tabletop is now in stock. This is a 24” x 48” folding top that sits on and attaches to the company’s surprisingly affordable matching Centipede leg sets. Using several of the new tops together can create a large, portable, multi-use workstation for the woodshop or the job-site. It should be ideal for tasks such as cabinet assembly or perhaps using a track saw or guided router on location. Bora says that the CT22N “provides a secure, durable surface easy to set up, tear down, and move just about anywhere”.

Last July, WoodEzine covered Bora’s introduction of a similar tabletop that was set up with a standard 3/4″ bench dog hole pattern.

The new solid 24″ x 48″ (610 mm x 1200 mm) size is the same dimension as the top of the company’s CK6S Centipede®, which is a leg set that has a 30″ working height, supports 2,500 lbs. and includes two Quick Clamps, four X-Cups and a Carry Bag. The CK6S’ legs folded dimensions are just 6” x 9” x 38”.

The new worktop is hinged in the middle for easy transport and storage, and is rated for 2000 lbs (907 kg). A couple of carrying slot/handles let the woodworker carry the tabletop in one hand and a leg set in the other. Both come with bags.

Since acquiring the Centipede Tool brand in 2017, BORA® has been actively expanding the line of all-purpose workstands. In early 2019, the company rebranded the line in orange and gray colors. Summer of 2020 saw the launch of three new Centipede products, the CK12S 4×6 Workstand, the CTC6 Workbench Height Workstand, and the CK22T Workbench Tabletop with dog holes. The full range of Centipede workstands now includes a total of five tables. From smallest to largest, this includes the CK6S 2×4 size, the CTC6 Workbench Height (also a 2×4 size), the CK9S 4×4, the CK12S 4×6, and the CK15S 4×8 Workstand. There are a wide variety of accessories available to expand the capabilities of these work tables. They are easy to use and fast to set up by fitting right into the holes of the P-Tops on the top side of each Centipede workstand.