MyMedic Sliver Med Pack splinter kit

A splinter kit from Infinity Tools

New from Infinity is this inexpensive pack that would be welcome in most woodshops. The MyMedic pack (item 115-492, $15.90) is a specialty first aid kit designed to let woodworkers remove foreign objects such as slivers and splinters from their fingers. The pack includes tweezers with a built-in led light for easily locating slivers, plus a few other items that will make the finding, removing, and patching up afterwards much easier! It’s al packaged in an easy-to-find and pack and includes a mini magnifying glass, a magnet to assist with metal splinters (the worst!), some sliver removers (straight edge tools to assist in removal), some antibiotic ointment, a sanitizing towelette and some bandages.

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