The Earlex Spray Station from Lee Valley

A Spray Solution from Lee Valley

Now available from Lee Valley tools is the Earlex Spray Station (item 03K0320, $309.50 on sale). This all-in-one high-volume, low-pressure sprayer system is capable of producing the finely atomized particles needed to create a flat, even finish to maximize coverage and minimize the number of coats required. It handles a wide variety of materials including thin liquids, lacquers, oil-based and water-based stains, varnish, and latex paints. The system has an all-metal spray gun (including the internal fluid components) and a one-quart reservoir that is Teflon coated for easy clean-up. The spray pattern can be set to a vertical or horizontal flat jet, or a circular jet. A volume dial fine tunes the material flow rate, and the two-stage turbine sprayer provides a filtered air flow of 42 cfm at 2.2 psi. This portable unit has a sturdy carry handle and convenient onboard storage for the spray gun, the 13′ air hose and a 5-1/2′ power cord. It measures 12″ in diameter by 20-1/2″ high, and it comes with a general-purpose 2mm stainless-steel fluid needle and fluid tip, a wrench, a small cleaning brush and a viscosity cup for determining whether the fluid is at the right dilution before spraying. It does that by timing the flow as it drains through the cup. Until June 11, 2022, the Earlex Spray Station is on sale at $19.50 off the regular price of $329.