The Edge Butler from Pinske at AWFS 2021

A Storage and Feeding Device for Edge-banding is Recognized at the AWFS Fair

One of the Finalists in the Visionary New Product Awards at AWFS® 2021 is the Edge Butler. It comes from The Pinske Edge, which is located in Plato, a suburb of Minneapolis. The device stores and manages tape for woodshops that use edge-banding machinery.

The Edge Butler speeds up the banding process because it decreases the downtime that’s caused when switching between band colors. It hangs all the colors needed for a day of production on a small mobile cart. The operator can just wheel the cart to the edge banding station and go to work – there’s no more walking back and forth to grab the next band color.

Because every woodshop’s needs are different, Pinske makes Butlers in two different sizes (13″ and 16″) to accommodate a roll’s diameter and width. The 13″ Butlers currently fit 15/16″ and 7/8″ banding, and the company is in the process of developing a wider Butler to fit other size banding (there’s a waiting list, so shops that are interested might want to sign up).

The cart that holds the Butlers is essentially a T-rack with locking casters. Because the distance from the floor to the top of the merry-go-round varies between machines, the cart is height adjustable. Carts are available in versions that carry up to ten Butlers, and up to twenty Butlers. And each Butler has two notches to accommodate different inner ring sizes.

For edge-banding machinery and supplies, visit the Resource page.   

UPDATE: We just heard that this product has won a Visionary Award. Congratulations!