A Swivel Handle Clamp with Good Reach, Great Torque

Bessey’s new Pivot Handle clamps have a decently deep jaw (4-3/4” reach) and a clamping force of 1,100 lbs. But what makes them really interesting for woodworkers is the hinged handle. It can be swiveled 90° for extra tightening, and it can be rotated 360° to access tight work areas. That makes this clamp especially suited to tasks such as screwing cabinets together in tight spaces, or for applying extra pressure closer to the center of glue-ups. It also means that less user force is needed to gain more torque, so woodworkers who don’t have a very strong grip will appreciate them. German made, they have patent-protected features and a technically advanced steel sliding arm. Bessey says that “the patented rail profile provides greater stability and enhanced clamping force per spindle turn, for quicker set-ups. The heat treated, high carbon Acme threaded spindle is manufactured for high load capacity, durability and spatter resistance. And the U-shaped sliding arm transfers clamping force evenly across the surface of the forged piece, improving power transmission and stability”. The Pivot Handle clamp comes in five clamping capacities – 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 Inches. On the website, scroll down to the bottom and click on New Products and Offers (the Pivot Handle clamp isn’t in the catalog yet…)