A Tilting Drill Table from Woodpeckers

A Tilting Drill Table from Woodpeckers

Normally, every detail in a drill press is focused on delivering one thing – vertical holes. Some presses have tilting tables, but most woodworkers don’t like to use that option because it can be hard to get the table back to a true ninety. Woodpeckers new Duax Angle Drilling Table “provides unparalleled control in setting, aligning, and securing your work anytime you need to drill at an angle, or two”. The Duax system consists of two components – the base, and the adjustable angle table. The table mounts to the base in four different directions for clearance and proper angles. It has laser-cut teeth that engage to provide accurate angle settings on the table. Then a pair of stainless-steel quadrants (like protractors with a curved slot in them) on either side of the table secure the angle, even under heavy drilling pressure.

An adjustable fence provides the dual in dual axis (hence the name Duax). The fence can be set for any angle between 0 and 90 degrees in either direction, and it can be positioned anywhere along the table. Once the part is positioned correctly, there’s a Clamping Kit to make sure it stays in place safely during drilling. The kit includes a wedge system to clamp work against the fence and a pair of Pivot Clamps to hold work securely down to the table. One can even adjust the Duax vertically or hang it off the edge of the table and drill the ends of long material such as stool legs. The wedge gets tighter the more drilling pressure is applied.

Also included in the kit is a pair of button stops. Locate them in the table slots to precisely position a round object for drilling in the face. A V-groove down the center of the table holds round stock for drilling across the diameter. The base of the Duax is optimized for attachment to Woodpeckers DP-PRO and earlier model drill press tables. The attachment slots will also accommodate the holes, slots and tracks in many other drill press tables. It is designed for drill presses with 12″ and larger capacity. The Duax also has keyhole slots for hanging it on a wall.

The device is made in Strongsville, Ohio and is available as just the table ($299.99) or in a bundle that includes the Clamping Kit ($339.99, which is less expensive than buying them separately). The replaceable inserts come in 5-packs. The working surface of the table is 10-1/4” long and 6” wide and it measures 4-3/8” high when flat. When the table is adjusted to 45 degrees it’s elevated 11-9/16” from the base.  When adjusted to 90 degrees it will be elevated to 14-1/8” from the base. It should be available in May, 2022.

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