Ruler with Stop and Laser Level from Garrett Wade

A Top Quality Ruler with A Stop Plus a CNC-machined 24” Laser Level

New from Garrett Wade is a Japanese made tough and highly accurate ruler/straightedge that comes with a moving stop. The 12” stainless steel tool (item 28K01.20, $41.50) has measurements in 64th’s of an inch on one face and centimeters on the other. It also has a wealth of conversion tables on the back including inch to millimeters, fractions to millimeters, and tap drills. The stop is especially handy for fine woodworking. It fits securely, is easy to move along the length, and can be locked with a knurled knob. A woodworker can quickly lock down any measurement and make repeated marks. The ruler/stop combination is also a great depth gauge for mortise and tenons, or for setting blade heights, or perhaps for measuring setbacks on moldings, the width of door stiles, countertop overhangs and the like.

The other new tool is a lightweight and easy-to-use 24” laser level (item 96T01.44, $82) that’s both fast and accurate.  Its heavy-duty aluminum alloy body has a chrome finish and a strong magnetic base to adhere to any ferrous surface. The CNC-machined super flat edge delivers absolutely level readings.  Simply set the level on a surface and press the button to send out a red crosshair. The highly precise digital readout is accurate to +/- 0.2 degrees, with a resolution of .05 degrees, and the LCD display is clear and easy to read. The level also includes traditional bubble levels in both horizontal and vertical orientations, but once you start using the digital readout the bubbles will probably never be used. This tool also has a 1/4″ threaded tripod mount (inset photo, top right). The level operates with a standard 9V battery (included), and it comes with a protective pouch. It’s 1” wide, 24-3/4” long, 2-1/4” tall and weighs 1.3 lbs.

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