A Truly Universal Gauge


The UG-1 from Bridge City Tool Works is the kind of treat that woodworkers dream about. It’s a beautifully engineered and constructed protractor and layout tool that is especially useful in confined spaces – the overall dimensions are 6″ by 7-3/8″, and the base is a magnetic sole that measures 5/8″ in width. It includes an extendable (up to 3″), fast-locking, depth and height gauge for setting bit and blade cuts, measuring mortises or perhaps thicknessing rabbets. There’s the obvious 90-degree square, a laser-etched 45-degree quadrant, a couple of dovetail squares, a two-point locking system to establish angles, and a marking gauge. The UG-1 also comes in both left and right versions, in metric or imperial. It runs $132 for a single gauge (as of early July 2020), or $339 for a complete boxed set.