The Pinnacle® Slide Stop

A Universal Stop for Shop Rulers from Woodcraft

Here’s a way to turn any spare ruler into a precision tool. The Pinnacle® Slide Stop (item 181120, model AWRE03, $39.99) attaches to almost any ruler – wood, plastic, aluminum, or steel – to transform it into a precise guide. It can be used to lay out grooves, dadoes, mortise and tenon joinery and other parallel markings. Its primary advantages are accuracy and repeatability. The centering screw design opens to 2-1/4″ or can clamp onto something as narrow as 1/4″ wide. The body is machined from aluminum to provide a non-marring surface that securely grips the ruler. The opposing threads delivers quick action, and the knurled knob provides a decent grip. The body is substantial enough to ride smoothly along a straight board.