WCS10-90 from Doug Mockett & Co

A Wireless Charger that Works Through the Desk – No Holes to Drill

The new WCS10-90 from Doug Mockett & Co. mounts underneath a desktop and charges phones and devices on the tabletop – without drilling a hole or a mortise. Customers can have

wireless charging on their desktops without the woodshop cutting a grommet hole into their work surface. They can place a phone directly on the desk to charge and all a shop has to do is install the wireless charging transmitter under the desk, and then plug the transmitter into a power source.

The WCS10-90 works on tables from 19/32” up to 1-3/16” thick, and there’s an indicator light and a beeping sound that confirm a successful pairing. The light on the transmitter will turn green when plugged in, signifying the unit is ready to use. While a phone is charging, the light will change from green to blue. A decal (included) is designed to affix to the surface directly above the transmitter underneath, to give clients a target zone.

The transmitter is 4-1/8” in diameter and just 11/16” thick. Mounting hardware is included. The device only comes in black. The charger works on surfaces including wood and stone but won’t transmit through metal surfaces. Installers must be careful not to cover the ventilation holes on the unit, and should advise customers not to place metal objects or bank cards between the

$ charger and phone, to avoid damage.

Single units are listed at $58.45, with discounts for quantity purchases.

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