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WoodEzine is where woodworkers go to find out about new woodworking tools.

About the editor…

John English has several books in print (visit his Amazon page) and has written thousands of articles for major magazines. He began his woodworking career in South Dakota about forty years ago. He also wrote for local newspapers. That led to his becoming an editor at Woodworker’s Journal, which is part of Rockler Woodworking in Medina, Minnesota. There, he designed, built, photographed and wrote about woodworking projects for the magazine, as he simultaneously improved his fine woodworking skills.

John has written for many of the major woodworking magazines including Woodworker’s Journal, Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Woodworker, the AAW woodturning association’s magazine, Woodcraft and a host of others, both in the U.S. and the U.K. Popular Woodworking inherited many of his plans when the publishers purchased American Woodworker. Over the years, many of John’s articles also became woodworking plans for sale by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, among others. One of the last projects he completed as a staff employee at Rockler was a woodworking bench plan, which made the cover of the magazine. Several of his other plans are now either for sale on the Rockler site or offered as paid or free woodworking plans on other websites.

John is keenly aware that many how-to writers assume that their readers have extensive experience and unlimited tools, so he has made an effort over the years to create projects with that in mind. (By the way, beginners should check out Steve Ramsey’s website, Woodworking for Mere Mortals). John’s personal website shows several small woodworking projects, for inspiration. He has always enjoyed introducing people to router woodworking, turning, and hand tools but he also offers a pretty sizeable downloadable tutorial for people setting up their own shop and buying their first machines – and it’s completely free. Just click here. You can read several articles by John every month in Woodshop News.

About WoodEzine…
The site has a page dedicated to helping woodworkers find instruction locally (click HERE to find “woodworking classes near me”).

Woodezine operated a physical woodworking store in Belle Fourche, South Dakota for many years under the name BHSW. It carried woodworking supplies, especially for pen turners. The store also stocked some router bits and other items from MLCS Woodworking, plus there were usually lots of bowls and a few pieces of John’s furniture for sale. A large workshop upstairs was mostly outfitted with Grizzly woodworking machines, a wide selection of hand tools and a 3-phase, 3 HP lathe.

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