ACE Finishing Sysytem for Wood

ACE is a New Coatings System for Wood

There’s a Tennessee company called Magnum Venus Products (or MVP) that describes itself as “a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications”.  For over 80 years, it has been a leading equipment provider for the marine, infrastructure, pool and bath, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, and wind industries.

MVP has just launched a new coatings application system in the U.S. which goes under the name of Accurate Coatings Equipment (ACE). This is a spray system for wood cabinetry, furniture, windows and doors and it was designed to reduce material waste and increase production output. During trials, customers experienced up to 15% material savings compared to traditional pressure pots. ACE lets a woodshop dispense an accurate material ratio every time and reduce downtime by eliminating manual mixing. It can be either floor or wall mounted and offers simple operation with easy-to-use controls and a visible on/off switch. There’s only minimal flushing required, and it delivers up to 0.637 gal/min output. It consumes 18.7 CFM of air per minute, has a catalyst range of 1% to 4.5%, and an available pump ratio of 12:1. The maximum air input pressure is 100 psi. The system will “reduce material waste and increase production output by delivering accurate and consistent catalyzation ratios”.

ACE is a plural component, or 2K, pump system for the application of conversion varnishes that use acid catalyst as well as polyester coatings that have a methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) catalyst. Its accurate catalyst ratios reduce coating failures that can cause defects such as clouding, flaking, peeling and delamination, some of which may not be visible for weeks and may lead to costly repairs.

MVP sells the ACE system through authorized distributors and directly through trained sales representatives.