Acrylic Legs from Osborne


Osborne Wood Products, Inc. in Toccoa, Georgia has just added a number of acrylic and acrylic-and-wood coffee and dining table legs. At the top of the image on the right are clear acrylic feet (item 44027) with tapered sides that provide strong support for sofas, chairs and cabinets. The 1-1/4″ wide black band around the top of each foot adds disguises the attachment hardware, and the taper runs down to 1-13/16″ square at the bottom of the foot. Also shown (from left) is one of four versions of the Conway leg (items 2400, 2404, 2700, 2704) that has an acrylic ball at the base, and then the Solaris dining table leg (2154) and coffee table leg (2354), both of which pair the modest silhouette of a tapered wooden leg with an eye-catching acrylic accent.