WoodEzine Media Kit

Show your stuff to more than 140,000 woodworkers this year!

If you’re looking for new ways to meet customers in 2021, WoodEzine is one of the most vibrant venues for online woodworkers.
In the first half of this year, the average ad on WoodEzine has been clicked on more than eleven hundred (1,100) times each month!

As of August 26th, WoodEzine has seen 94,309 unique visitors this year (which extends to about 143,617 for the full year).
As of August 26th, the site has been visited 396,648 times (which translates to 604,032 visits in 2021).
Each reader has returned on average 4.2 times. Some readers will only visit once, while others visit many times.
There are 1,664 site visitors on average each and every day (YTD average 2021, through August 26th).

A minute is an eternity in web browsing, and the vast majority of sites retain their audiences for just a few seconds.
81.4% of WoodEzine visitors stay more than 30 seconds.
And an impressive 41% of those folks spend more than two minutes on the site.
The average visitor views about ten stories, which can be either news or sponsored content.

WoodEzine is a blog with one new entry every day, seven days a week.
Each entry highlights a single new tool, machine or other story of interest.

About one in every six blog entries can be sponsored.
We try to average five news stories that are purely editorial content, followed by a single story with an advertiser's sponsored content.
The sponsored entry is identified as such.
We periodically reload your ad over its 90-day span, so it appears at least once a week in the top 15 blog entries.
Ads can be renewed every three months and we'll send you a reminder, if you like.

Our low volume of ads is designed to increase the strength of your message while holding the readers’ interest.
It means that you won’t be lost in a sea of display ads, or tucked away in a classified section (we don’t even have one!).

Each ad consists of an 800-dot wide image (at 72 dpi) that can be up to 600 dots tall.
Each ad also contains a paragraph of text that should be at least 100 words, and no more than 250.
The editors at WoodEzine can help you size images and either edit or create text, and we do that at no additional charge.

For 2021, each ad insertion is billed at $277 plus 6.5% South Dakota sales tax, for a total of just $295 for a 90-day run.
Once your ad has been created and accepted, you can click here to pay online with a card, or just call us to process it.
Or you can mail a check.

Due to the limited space, your ad may not be inserted same day but it will remain live for a full 90 days.
Your ad is linked to a page or destination on your site, which of course you choose.
The content MUST be woodworking related, legal, and in good taste. We reserve the right to refuse content.

What's Next?
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