Advertising on WoodEzine is a blog published by woodworking writer John English.
The content focuses on new woodworking tools, machinery, supplies and materials.
The site is designed for small to medium sized professional woodshop owners, and serious amateurs.

In 2021, welcomed 163,040 unique visitors, and that number continues to climb.
Our average visitor returns 4.41 times (some more often, some less - there were over 700,000 visits in 2021).
According to Google Analytics our average visitor spends an impressive 7.13 minutes reading content.

Advertising is Extremely Simple on WoodEzine
All ads are 800 dpi wide and can be up to 350 dpi tall. Most are about 150 dpi tall.
We can help you create the ad if you like, at no extra charge.
To see more ads like the one below, just visit recent stories and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

There are two placement options...

Fixed Placement
We place your ad on the newest story (our daily blog entry) within a day or two of receiving it.
It stays there for 1 month ($99), 5 months ($375, or $75 a month), or 12 months ($600, or $50 a month).

Floating Placement
About once a month we remove the ad from the original story and pop it into a newer one.

Which is better?
You may want to do a fixed placement on a story that is very relevant to your product
(for example, a saw blade ad on a story about table saws).
That's because our readers spend a lot of time browsing through recent stories (over seven minutes),
and they return often (4.41 times on average), plus they search by categories.

Or you may want to do a floating placement if your product is more general and you want
lots of readers to see it, but you don't want to target a specific readership.


South Dakota sales tax (currently 6.5%) is added to all sales. License 1038-2355-ST.
Advertisers can pay online or by check.

OPTION A: 1 Month
$99 per insert
OPTION B: 5 Months
$75 per insert
OPTION C: 12 Months
$50 per insert

Don't forget to specify whether your ad will be fixed or floating.

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