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Advertising is Extremely Simple on WoodEzine
Ads are 800 dpi wide and can be up to 350 dpi tall.
We can help you create the ad if you like, at no extra charge.

Ad Pricing
You can place your ad on as many pages as you like (or different ads on different pages).
The more pages, the less expensive each insert becomes.
SD sales tax (currently 6.5%) is added to all sales, and you can pay online or by check.

OPTION A: $99 1 insert - one ad on one page for one calendar month. ($99 per insert)
OPTION B: $375 5 inserts - can be on one page for five months, or five pages for one month. ($75 per insert)
OPTION C: $600 12 ads - can be on one page for twelve months, or twelve pages for one month. ($50 per insert)

Sample Ads

To see more sample ads, just click on any of the links below and then
scroll to the bottom of the story to see how your ad might look...

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